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OPPO wallet, what is the oppo wallet used for? , Is the oppo wallet loan regular?

source:zoptime:2023-12-05 04:09:07

Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the question about the OPPO wallet, so the editor has compiled 2 related answers to introduce the OPPO wallet, let us Let's take a look together. What is the oppo wallet for? What can OPPO's wallet pay for? What is the oppo wallet for? First of all, in terms of "mobile payment", once the digital renminbi was launched, OPPO will follow up in time. In December 2020, OPPO users can use digital renminbi to make unlimited purchases in its stores, and OPPO wallet was launched in July 2017. The "self-wallet" was launched in the digital renminbi app, becoming the first mobile wallet to access the digital renminbi app. With the launch of new technologies, the application scenarios are also constantly expanding. For example, the OPPO wallet has opened digital RMB recharge services and wealth management services. Of course, the function of the "Wallet" App is not only used for payment. As more and more mobile phones are equipped with NFC function in hardware configuration, OPPO combines the two and integrates the most commonly used scenes of users in daily life. Taking the NFC function as an example, OPPO and the Bank of China have jointly created a financial-grade and secure NFC full-terminal solution to make mobile payment methods more diverse. For example, users only need to double-click the power button to wake up the NFC mode on the OPPO mobile phone, and then touch the "Payment Machine" to complete the swiping of the card and enjoy the same transfer benefits as the physical transportation card. It can be said that as a "wallet" app, OPPO Wallet has created functions covering the daily life scenes of users from multiple fields such as digital renminbi, transportation, access control cards, mobile phone car keys, and takeaway catering. This also indirectly proves that With the addition of OPPO's technological capabilities, the experience of OPPO mobile phones has also been further improved. And this is only part of it. OPPO has also brought a lot of black technology in the field of flash charging and imaging, such as the "sandwich type safety battery" brought on the OPPO flash charging open day, and the "sandwich type safety battery" brought by OPPO at the future imaging technology conference. RGBW light-harvesting sensor, next-generation under-screen camera, etc., let users realize a more cutting-edge user experience. What can OPPO's wallet pay for? 1. The wallet APP of OPPO mobile phone (hereinafter referred to as OPPO wallet) is an exclusive mobile terminal application jointly created by Huantai Digital Technology and OPPO to provide one-stop financial management and life payment services for OPPO mobile phones. OPPO Wallet covers various scenarios such as mobile payment, transportation, medical care, and life services. Through the wallet, OPPO Pay (mobile payment), life recharge and payment, mobile bus card, access control card, eID, car key, co-branded credit card and other products can be realized through the wallet functions, while providing personal consumption credit services, wealth management and insurance information services. 2. The birth of OPPO Wallet stems from the popularization and application of NFC technology. NFC is near-field communication. Devices using NFC technology can exchange data when they are close to each other to realize applications such as mobile payment, electronic ticketing, access control, mobile identification, and anti-counterfeiting. Relying on its own rich terminal technology accumulation, Huantai Digital has successfully implemented NFC technology in OPPO wallets. At the same time, it has joined hands with partners such as UnionPay, Tongka, community service providers, and car companies to develop multiple scenarios and create OPPO Pay, NFC buses, and NFC access control. , NFC car key and other functions. At present, OPPO Wallet has covered many life scenarios such as mobile payment, transportation, and home life. 3. In addition, what many people don't know is that OPPO Wallet also has a very smart function, that is, "senseless smart card selection". After the user activates the bus card, access control card and other cards, he only needs to turn on the "automatic card switching" option. Whether he is taking the bus or subway or opening the door in the community, he only needs to put the back of the mobile phone close to the card swiping device, and the mobile phone can recognize and select the corresponding card to swipe. The user only needs to open the "Wallet" APP - click on My - click on Settings - turn on the smart card selection, and then the sensorless smart card selection function can be activated. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the OPPO wallet. I hope that the 2-point answer about the OPPO wallet will be useful to everyone.

OPPO wallet, what is the oppo wallet used for? , Is the oppo wallet loan regular?