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Blue Diamond Aristocrat➻What is the use of Blue Diamond Aristocrat

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Today I will share with you the knowledge of Blue Diamond Aristocrat, which will also explain the use of Blue Diamond Aristocrat. If it happens to solve the problem you are facing now, don’t Forgot to follow this site, start now! List of catalogs in this article: 1. What are the functions and differences of QQ yellow diamond, blue diamond, and red diamond? 2. Why can’t blue diamond 7 play blue diamond 63. Can I get growth points by signing in at the blue diamond hall? 4. What about the blue diamond noble card? 5. How much is the QQ game Blue Diamond Level 7? \x0d\x0aYellow diamond: QQ zone background discount, free letter paper, free QQ zone background music, and other game privileges corresponding to blue diamond nobles. Of course it's different: red diamonds are free to wear in the QQ show in the QQ mall, and will automatically change clothes every day, flowers, and free delivery for the QQ show. Points are doubled in Blue Diamond QQ games and some Tencent games. Red diamonds are used for QQ shows, and blue diamond nobles can also give QQ show clothes to your friends. Yellow is used to beautify the space. QQ Red Diamond: Free privilege of QQ show. QQ Yellow Diamond: Free dressing-up privileges in QQ Zone, daily gift packs such as QQ farms and pastures. QQ Green Diamond: Free setting of background music in QQ space, free download of music and other privileges. QQ Blue Diamond: QQ game privilege. QQ Purple Diamond: QQ Speed and other large-scale game privileges. QQ pink diamond: QQ pet privilege. Function: Red Diamond can set QQ avatar for free, and can also turn QQ show into a dynamic blue diamond aristocrat! For QQ yellow diamonds, you need 12 yuan Q coins/Moon yellow diamond nobles can save the design plan in QQ home for free, and you don’t need to buy homeland items blue diamond nobles one by one. QQ Red Diamond QQ Show Red Diamond Noble is a service provided by Tencent for QQ Show, with a fee of 10 yuan per month. Function: free use of the whole QQ show, no need to buy free use of Blue Diamond Noble; early access to new QQ show products that will be launched soon; exclusive automatic dress-up, follow-up emoticons; free QQ show for friends (given according to the level limit), etc. Blue Diamond 7 Why can't you kick Blue Diamond 61. If the person you want to kick has a higher Blue Diamond level than you, you can't kick him. The level is as high as yours, but the time for people to open blue diamonds is longer than yours. In these two situations, you can't kick people, but they can kick you. Tencent Games will generate a certain level according to the length of time you have activated Blue Diamond. 2. Hello, if the blue diamond level is lower than that of the opponent, you cannot T out of the room. You must enter the room first and have a higher blue diamond level than the opponent before you can kick out of the room. If you enter the game with a first-level blue diamond, you cannot be kicked out (first Blue diamond players entering the room have anti-kick function), I wish you a happy day. 3. For example, if you are an ordinary level 4 blue diamond, you can play against level 4 blue diamonds of the same level and whose growth is lower than yours. You can kick level 4 ordinary blue diamonds, regardless of the growth value of ordinary blue diamonds. 4. Maybe someone is kicking, or the people here are higher than your blue diamond, or you entered the anti-cheating field. 5. Hello, landlord. Your situation should be caused by the destruction of QQ game software. Please log out of the QQ game and log in again. If it still doesn't work. 6. Hello! The blue diamond in the QQ game does have the function of preventing being kicked, because the super blue diamond has the highest status among the blue diamonds, so it is very possible that no one can kick the super blue diamond at level 7. Can I get growth points when I sign in at the Blue Diamond Hall? (The old version and the new version are the same, both are 6 points, but not repeated) Note: Blue diamond babies who cooperate with 3+1~3+9 can receive 10 points (6+4) growth points. ③2+X (X=1~10) blue diamond babies all have 6 (3+3) growth points. The receiving method is the same as ①. 2. Reach level 5 to get a 1+10 baby (don’t support gift), reach level 6 to get a 2+10 baby (don’t support gift). After the event is over, rankings will be made and rewards will be distributed based on user points: the top 10 blue diamond users, and the users who directly advance to the 11th to 100th LV rankings will all get 1,000 blue diamond growth points. 3. Yes. Blue Diamond Baby is an equity member launched by qq games, and can still receive growth points in 2022, which can improve the player's level and obtain more equity activities. 4. Select View Baby. Step 2: Select the blue diamond baby you are carrying, there is a blue "blue diamond growth +4" icon in the baby's skill, click to receive 4 growth points. Step 3: Log in to the new version of Baby Paradise, the website is bbly.qq.com. Step 4: Online banking users can receive 2 additional growth points every day. Card Blue Diamond Noble How to get this skin is limited to Blue Diamond. It can only be obtained by unlocking the blue diamond, but it is no longer available for purchase. In terms of value, after all, it is something that is gone, and it is hard to say how much it is worth. This was a membership event at the time. The first step of the strategy for blue diamond nobles to obtain growth value: first click to enter the homepage of Baby Paradise. Select View Baby. Step 2: Select the blue diamond baby you are carrying, there is a blue "blue diamond growth +4" icon in the baby's skill, click to receive 4 growth points. Step 3: Log in to the new version of Baby Paradise, the website is bbly.qq.com. Now, these two skins are out of print, and they were given by QQ members and Blue Diamond when the public beta was first opened. If you want to get it, you can only draw a lottery during the event. Mobile users: Choose a mobile phone to activate the "Game Secretary" service, and you can get the QQ game super player service for free! (Fee: 10 yuan/month) Method: Send a text message QQY to 10661700341, then reply a text message to confirm the activation, and then reply a text message to bind the QQ number, and then you can activate the QQ game Blue Diamond Noble. How much is qq game Blue Diamond 7? The value of qq game Blue Diamond 7 is 4000-5000 yuan. QQ Game Blue Diamond Noble is a service launched by Tencent for high-end game VIP users. After opening the service, they can enjoy the exclusive "Blue Diamond Noble" logo. Super players can enjoy more privileges and game benefits in the game, allowing you to enjoy the game. Handling the annual fee blue diamond has the privilege of gifting growth value, and opening the annual fee will give you 300 points (the single upper limit is 300 points, limited to 20 times). And the seventh-level blue diamond needs 43,200 growth points to upgrade to level 7. In this way, even if you use up all the above privileges, you can only get 6,000 growth points at one time, which is between levels 4 and 5. Blue Diamond is currently the highest level seven, with a growth value of 43200. There are 7 levels planned for the blue diamond noble growth level, which are represented by Lv1 to Lv7. The level is determined by the user's blue diamond growth value. The corresponding relationship between level and growth value is: Level 1 0, Level 2 300, Level 3 900, Level 4 3600, Level 5 7200, Level 6 14400, Level 7 43200. The official clearly stipulates that the growth value of QQ blue diamond level 7 is 43200. Buy a Blue Diamond 7 to see the growth and number, which may range from 4000 to 5000. But you have to remember that it is very dangerous to buy an account now. After spending four to five thousand yuan to buy a Blue Diamond 7, some unscrupulous merchants will apply for your QQ account back after a period of time. will refund to you. This is the end of the introduction about the Blue Diamond Noble and what the Blue Diamond Noble is useful for. Have you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Blue Diamond Aristocrat➻What is the use of Blue Diamond Aristocrat